Pickup comparisons

All pickups recorded directly to DAW (Cubase 9.5) using Line6 UX2 with ``REC: Dry input`` option. No EQ, effects, or mixing used. Only bridge position of each model, and in full humbucking mode.

Same guitar with same setup, tuning, and pickup height (ca. 4-5mm from strings) used. No volume / tone potentiometer, or onboard electronics used.

I'll get these samples reamped with proper equipment at some point, Line6 Pod Farm 2.5:s modelling amps crush all the differences between pickups, so there's no point in uploading those samples. If you have an access to a stable reamp setup with for example JCM800 & 5150 amps and want to do science for the sake of science, please contact me!

More samples like Fishman Fluence Modern and SD Black Winter will be added soon.

If you're a pickup manufacturer, and wish to get your pickup added to the list, please contact me!

Spectrum analyzer images

All pickups analyzed at 12. fret natural harmonic of C-string (261,63hz), guitar at D-standard tuning with 11-50 Dunlop Heavy core strings.