Our story...

…began in 2012 when I started building guitars in a small 7m² upstairs room in my home with cheap tools and cheap woods. To my suprise, even my first guitar was playable and from then on I dedicated my time to developing and honing my skills.

My Apprentice, Kalle, started as an intern in late 2016 and continued into a full apprenticeship in May 2017 onward – as a fellow metalhead he quickly understood my philosophy and mentality in building guitars.

We are continuing to develop our own collection and style of guitarmaking while doing our absolute best in fulfilling our customer’s wishes in any and all aspects of guitarmaking: body shape & contouring, color, finish, hardware and pickups, and special customizations – we’ve even made specially designed guitars for players who’ve had injuries that prohibit playing off-the-peg guitars.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who’ve placed your order, and to show this appreciation we’re granting 10% off on every returning customer.

From metalheads to other metalheads, and real people as well

Simo Iiskola



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Kiiras Instruments

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Kiiras Instruments

5 days 8 hours ago

Menninkäinen - Goblin Vorna model in beaten brown ash wood with neck-thru-body construction, 25" scale length, 24 stainless steel frets on a black stained curly See More

Kiiras Instruments

1 month 1 week ago

"Best and ´easiest´ 7-stringed guitar I've ever played" was the owners words for this, might I add "insanely gorgeous" as well? A custom 7-stringed Ahti See More

Kiiras Instruments

1 month 3 weeks ago

KATRAS -Series electric guitars, handmade in Finland for heavy use. Prices starting at 1695€ including hardshell case and shipping within Europe. Calculate a price for See More

Kiiras Instruments

2 months 2 weeks ago

How about that? A multi scale fanned fret guitar with a locking tremolo! Neck-thru-body 7-stringed guitar with ash wood body with custom modifications, curly birch See More

Kiiras Instruments

5 months 4 days ago

I've added LAVA finish to my online order form, the first prototype turned out pretty cool! Or hot...? Also check out the matching finish on See More

Kiiras Instruments

5 months 3 weeks ago

The third and final part of this guitar build series is online! Filming the next one already! 😁 More commentary! More editing! More better! See More

Kiiras Instruments

5 months 4 weeks ago

FOR SALE 1995€ 7-stringed Horna model with alder body and knotty birch top, 26.5" scale length bolt-on neck, wenge fretboard with 24 stainless steel frets, See More

Kiiras Instruments

6 months 1 day ago

A Vorna for Vorna. The Finnish band Vorna. Link in biscription. Bolt-on 25.5" scale neck on a mahogany body with Finnish curly birch top, black See More

Kiiras Instruments

7 months 1 day ago

Second part of the video series is now online, this time with commentary!


Kiiras Instruments

7 months 6 days ago

Horna model with bolt-on construction, brown stained and beatem ash wood body, 25.5" scale length 5-piece maple-wenge neck with 24 jumbo stainless steel frets and See More