Kiiras Instruments online order form help & info

The online order form is for my Katras -series guitars, whose idea is based on pre-built / pre-designed parts which can be mixed and matched together for a full build. To keep the price affordable I've determined some baseline options:


    • 5-piece maple-wenge laminate construction
    • 24 stainless steel jumbo frets
    • 43.5mm and 47.5mm wide nut for 6 / 7 stringed versions
      • 40mm / 48mm for 4/5 stringed bass
    • Kiiras “Thin C” -style neck profile
      • Customizable at small extra cost
    • Water buffalo horn nut
    • Semi-gloss (satine) high durability 2-component polyurthane lacquer
    • Mineral oil treatment for fretboard
    • No fretboard bindings


    • 3-piece body for bolt-on construction
      • 1 middle piece with two pieces on both sides
    • Neck +2 for neck-thru-body construction
      • Neck with two pieces on both sides, matching top wood for neck
    • Top woods are mirrored by centerline of the guitar
    • 45mm body thickness at centerline
    • Semi-gloss (satine) high durability 2-component polyurethane lacquer
    • No bindings

Tuners - I exclusively use Gotoh tuners

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Additional hardware

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Shipping in a hard shell case is included in the price within mainland EU, in a case similar to Gator GC-Electric XL or Gator GW-Extreme for guitar.

All returning customers receive automatic 10% discount.

For more customized guitars, you may fill in the form for base specs and write down your preferred customization in the open text field in the end, or you can send me an email a simple list of specifications for your guitar.

These would include guitars with

      • High gloss finishes

      • 8-stringed guitars / 6-stringed bass guitars

      • Multi-scale / fanned fret guitars

Prices for full custom guitar starts at 1895€.

After filling in and submitting the order form, you’ll receive an email with a summary of your specifications. I will use this information to make a CAD sketch and a detailed quote on your guitar.

Here’s a few examples of such sketches and finalized guitar:

Once the sketch and quote is approved by you, I’ll send you an invoice for the first 50% of the total sum. This payment will act as confirmation of your order, after which I’ll add your name to my production queue (currently ca. 15 months):

Prices include Finnish value added tax (VAT) 24%, this can be deducted for customers outside EU.

However, since exporting paperwork and customs declarations take time and have costs and fees associated, etc., a fee of 100€ is added to the price after the VAT refund of 24%.

For example, a guitar with price of 2500€ on the order form:

    • 2500€ / 1,24 = 2016€ + 100€ = 2116€ at VAT 0%

Shipping is included in the price for nearby non-EU customers (Norway, Switzerland, Russia, etc); shipping overseas and long distance (the Americas, Asia, Oceania, Australia, etc.) will be more expensive depending on the world shipping costs at the time – 100€ extra for shipping to US for example.

International customers are 100% responsible for any and all customs / importing fees & taxes when guitar arrives at destination country. Please contact / check with your local authorities for info on possible import taxes and fees in your country.