Greger Andersson - PAIN (swe)

Greger Andersson - PAIN (swe)

Andy LaMorgue - Big Hate

Andy LaMorgue - Big Hate (ita)

Gumball Watterson - Big Hate

Gumball Watterson - Big Hate (ita)

Greger Andersson - PAIN (SWE)

Daniele "Ghâsh" Foderaro - Blodiga Skald (ita)

Greger Andersson - PAIN (SWE)

JD Turner - In Sanity (ger)

Fabian Rauter - Theotoxin (aut)

Vincent Zermatten - Xaon (sui)

Cheveyo - Akando (ger)

If you play a Kiiras Instrument in an active touring band, and have photos of you playing our guitar(s) live - please send some to me by email or by Facebook, so I can add more photos here!

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