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Kiiras Instruments

Simo Iiskola
Helmintie 8
40250 Jyvaskyla

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Kiiras Instruments

Guitars for heavy use – handcrafted in Finland.
Kiiras Instruments
Kiiras Instruments3 weeks ago
Check it out, Fabian Rauter of Theotoxin (and Evertune Europe) absolutely killing it with his Kiiras Instruments Ukonkirves!
Kiiras Instruments
THEOTOXIN STUDIO UPDATE!! Our guitarist Fabian Rauter finished tracking his parts for the upcoming album ‘CONSILIVM’! The guitar he uses onstage and in the studio has been forged by the amazing luthier Kiiras Instruments from Finland. Endless tuning stability is provided by the Evertune bridge and Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickups play a big part in achieving the aggressive sound we thrive for! The creation of ‘CONSILIVM’ will be documented in studio reports, watch the second episode down below. #theotoxin #consilivm
Kiiras Instruments
Kiiras Instruments1 month ago
KIIRAS INSTRUMENTS KATRAS SERIES & CUSTOM GUITARS – handcrafted in Finland to your specifications.

Prices starting at 1495€ for the brutal Katras -series; and 1695€ for custom guitars. Several bridge, pickup, tone wood, and finish options available; see example pricings at each image.

Contact me directly for a quote, or see my website for more detailed pricing and all available options.