Included in the base price (1495€) are:


  • 5-piece maple-wenge laminate neck
  • 24 jumbo STAINLESS STEEL frets
  • Fretboard radius:
    • 12"-16" compound radius on fixed bridges
    • 16" on Floyd Roses
  • Nut:
    • Bone / buffalo horn for fixed bridges
    • Locking nut on Floyd Roses
  • Tuners:
    • Gotoh SG381 MG - locking tuners with fixed bridges
    • SG381 regular tuners with Floyd Rose
  • Headstock veneer matches body wood & finish

Body & hardware

  • 1+ body construction (ie. one board on the middle with two pieces glued to each side) with bolt-on guitars
  • No bindings
  • Stained to desired colour, wood grain is left visible
  • Satine laquer
  • Gotoh BB-04W 18V (2x9V) battery case with active electronics
  • Humbucker rings, jack plate and truss rod cover made of stainless steel
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Wenge is a hard species of wood, and there fore well suited for fretboards. Grain patterns are ofter very beautiful, colour varies from milk chocolate to almost pitch black when oiled. RockLite Ebano is a environmentally friendly and sustainable ebony substitute made from real wood - ie. it's not vulcanized paper / "laminate flooring". It has a grain pattern of it's own; is 100% stable; feels and sounds like the real thing; and - of course - looks black as AAA -grade ebony. Read more at http://www.rocklite.co.uk/

Hardware & electronics
Gotoh hardware is world renown for highest possible quality and reliability.
  • GE103B-T Tune-O-Matic is a superb quality guitar bridge, no frills, no spills. Everything you'll ever need.
  • Ti103B-T is same as GE103B-T, but with extraordinarily hard TITANIUM saddles which improve tone and will last a lifetime of hard palying!
  • GE1996T Floyd Rose tremolo is one of the very best in the market, I'd claim it to be better than FR Originals. High stability, smooth feel when playing and rock solid construction with steel saddles, steel base and brass block.
  • Hipshot Fixed guitar bridge, world renown for durability and tone
  • Evertune F-model. Evertune keeps your guitar ever in tune by sheer witchcraft!
For tuners I've chosen Gotoh for Katras series:
Available bridges for 7-stringed guitar
  • TonePros TP7 tune-o-matic bridge with TZ7 tailpiece!
  • Hipshot 7 String fixed bridge
  • Floyd Rose 1000 -series pro tremolo unit with locking nut
  • Evertune 7-model. Evertune keeps your guitar ever in tune by sheer witchcraft!
For tuners I've chosen Gotoh for Katras series:
For Katras -series bass guitars I've chosen Gotoh GB707 tuners and 404SJ bridge either in 4 / 5 stringed configurations.

Pickups are available from following manufacturors. I've listed only few examples from each maker, select the closest to your preference, and write down the exact model (if different) in the open text field in the end of order form. DiMarzio will be added soon, contact me for more info!

Contact info
After sending your order, I'll contact you in 1-2 working days with more detailed quote and a 3D sketch. If the quote is accepted, I will send you an invoice with my bank details for the first half of the total price. When the first payment is done I'll add you to the production queue, which is approximately 5-6 months at the moment.

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